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What is CMWC

The Cycle Messenger World Championship The tough, smart and fastest messengers from all over the world gather together once a year to decide who is best while trying on your physical strength and mental limits . The race has been approved by the International Federation of Bike Messengers Associations (IFBMA), and it also has complete closed, insurance coverage. Although it is a world championship sports event, it is a world festival celebrating not only that it is a messenger culture and broad influence to a new urban culture.

At the championships, audiences will exchange various festivals, shows, parties and shops that will bring them closer to the latest bicycle circumstances and practical arm fashions through exchanges with messengers.

At the side event, I will show literally the professional athletes’ talents of the world such as artistic photos, musicals. While many messengers are gathering, those who are not, of course, messengers can challenge all events such as racing and enjoy it.

Pre event

Pre-event will be held in Sydney

By registering

athlete, you can participate in all events, snacks and sake, official CMWC 2015 tee shirt, many other good items and limited items will be packed in the welcome pack as stuffed.

To enter the race it is necessary to register athletes.

Athlete registration fee is currently $ 90 AUD.

Because the player registration fee will rise from now on, we recommend you register the player as soon as possible.

About inn

Stay in a local house

You can stay in the local home during the tournament. In that case please contact Andre housing@cmwc2015.com. Name, birth place, if you are a group please tell him.

I will find a stay place as far as possible although there is a limit. Sofa, floor, tent stretched in the garden.


I am considering whether I can borrow a campground about 11 km from the city. Since it is said that the campground side can not make a reservation about the matter until the end of the year, please wait for new information if you are thinking about camping. There will be limited place and price will not be too much.

If you are interested, please contact here. housing@cmwc2015.com


Some people think that it is a Bad idea to share the bedroom and the same air among messengers who sweat more than 16 people. I will upload a list of recommended accommodations in the near future.


Please look forward to new information and Australia’s trip.

For information on visa and immigration .