If you’d like to stay with a local get in touch with Anselm and Andre Let him know who you are, where you’re from and if you’re traveling in a group how many of you there’ll be.

Places will be limited but we are endeavoring to set up as many racers as possible with a couch, floor or backyard tent spot.


We’re looking at the possibility of setting up Camp Courier at a campground about 11kms from the CBD. The campground can’t confirm anything until later in the year so you’ll have to wait until then for more details.


For those of you who think that sharing a bedroom and breathing space with sixteen other unwashed, piss-drunk, tip rat, fart bomb courier types is somehow a bad idea we will soon have a list of recommended accommodation options available.

In the meantime Air BnB is always a good idea. Most of the CMWC crew live within the boundaries of the highly desirable Inner Northern Suburbs. Its pretty great, the locals are in awe of our mighty beards and leave hot steaming mugs of espresso on our doorsteps each morning as tribute. Come join us in our shabby shangri-la and you too will be worshipped as the On Trend Bike God you’ve always known yourself to be. Also you won’t have to ride very far to get to and from events.

Take a look at a map. Any of the neighbourhoods vaguely north of the city, south of Bell St, east of the CityLink Expressway and west of Yarra Bend Park will do the trick nicely.

If you want to go out west Footscray is a bit further but also a bit more affordable and packed with dirt cheap n delicious places to eat.

If you want to look a little further east, Abbotsford and Richmond will also do nicely, plenty of cheap vietnamese/asian food along Victoria st, and a plethora of booze establisments willing to take your money and your memory and guarentee you a good time.

If you’re unsure of the suitability of possible accomodation spots, shoot us an email and we’ll give you the lowdown or downlow, whichever you prefer.