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Campbell River is a coastal metropolitan area that lies on the coast of Vancouver Island. This city is one of the best places to live within the nation of Canada and it is also known as the Salmon Capital of the World. During the winter months, this coastal city can produce a huge amount of snow and make it extremely difficult for motorists to get around.

At least 23 inches of snow falls within this region every year. That is an awful lot of snow for travelers to have to deal with. Especially when they are out on the road. One way that the people of Campbell deal with this situation is by using snowmobiles to get around the city.

Snowmobile usage within Campbell River just makes sense. These vehicles can navigate across snow and quickly transport individuals to their intended destination. While snowmobiles are efficient for getting around in Campbell River during the winter months; people will need insurance if they operate this type of vehicle.

Types of Snowmobile Coverage

There are many different types of snowmobile coverages that is available to consumers. These coverage types are similar to the automobile policies that are used for cars. Liability and full coverage are the two basic types of coverages and snowmobile operators can also create their own unique policies that are best suited for them.


Surety Bonds for Snowmobile Operators

If a resident of Campbell River wants to operate a snowmobile without paying for insurance; they can do so with the use of a surety bond. A surety bond is a selected amount of money that a person will have to give to the Canadian DMV to hold in case they get into an accident.

This amount of money will vary by province or region but typically the amount is around $30,000. Once a person has their money set up with a surety bond they will not have to pay for insurance. This money will be used to cover medical expenses and property damages.


Full Coverage Insurance

Full coverage is an umbrella insurance policy that has multiple types of insurance coverages combined into one contract. This type of coverage is typically used to protect a snowmobile operator:


  • If they crash into another vehicle or some type of property.


  • Cause some type of injury to another person through an at fault collision.


  • Protects their vehicle and covers medical expenses if someone crashes into them.


  • Helps them to reimburse damages to their vehicle and medical expenses in the event another person collides with them and they are at fault.


  • Provides protection in the event that an act of nature such as an ice storm or falling limb damages their snowmobile or their body while they are on the snowmobile.


  • Offers snowmobile rental coverage as well.

Most snowmobile operators within Campbell River at least have liability insurance for their vehicles. This is the minimum amount that Canadian laws expect for snowmobile operators to have while out on the road.