Getting Here


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So it’s almost event time, and that means a whole lot of you will be flying into our fair city n the next couple of weeks. Below are your options for getting into Melbourne CBD from the airport:

1: Cycling.
It is roughly 25km from the Airport to the city centre (downhill) and there are a few different routes to do this by. It is illegal to cycle on the most direct road(motorway: Calder hwy/Citilink) and you will get pulled over by the police. But the good news is that there is a bike path for most of the route (see link) and it’s a fairly direct and easy ride. The link below gives you a few different options.
Airport to Melbourne

2: Shuttle bus.
This is probably the easiest way if you have a lot bit of luggage or dont wanna build your bike at the airport. The best and simplest shuttle to get is the Skybus, which will drop you off at Southern Cross station, just a few blocks from 140 William where on a weekday you will find Messengers lounging in the sun waiting for Jobs. Cost is $18 one way and it is best to leave your bike boxed up until you get off of the bus.

3: Taxi.
A taxi from Melbourne airport to the CBD will run anywhere between $50 to $70 depending on destination and traffic. Expensive but will get you directly to where you are staying. If there a few of you, get a Maxi cab to save of fare. There is no need to book a cab from the airport as there is a large cab rank directly outside the terminal.

4: Uber 
Uber is now running in Melbourne. Similar to a taxi yet cheaper. Download the app before you land. 

If you are not flying into Melbourne and are participating in the group ride then you are in most capable hands and we will see you at registration!